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Why become a web developer in 2016?

If you are interested in working in web development and design there is no better time to start then now. Web developer was ranked the #2 hottest job for 2016 based on many factors including salary, amount of jobs available, future job security, and a few other things. The increasingly high demand of online retail alone is  just one reason why it’s so popular. In 2014 the bureau of labor statistics estimated that there were about 148,500 web developers and one in every seven were self-employed. They say that by 2024 there will be a 27% increase in new jobs for a web developer. That’s about 39,500 new positions.

With the smart phone being such an essential tool in everyone’s life nowadays, Web developer’s are in high demand. Many existing websites need to be re-coded to accommodate the various screen sizes that their web pages will be viewed on. Back in the day websites were created in a very static manner. Meaning that they were designed for desktop and laptop computers. When a site is created now it is made in a way that is very flexible so that a customer will have the same type of experience whether they log on from their phone or from their desktop. This is referred to as responsive and is created in a way that when the page is re-sized or viewed on a smaller device the content will re-size or change completely depending on the rules that the developer sets in the code. Google actually penalizes websites that aren’t coded in this way. Much of the actual sales of a company nowadays is done through online retail. Chances are if a company doesn’t have a great online presence they are going to fail. So it is absolutely necessary for them to put a lot of time, money, and effort into their website.

Recent salary estimates for this field is about $63,490 average. The unemployment rate is as low as 3.4%. Many developers earn more than six figures. Working in this field opens up many job opportunities including software development, web development, web design, front end and back end, and most importantly in my opinion freelance. There are already one in seven self-employed developer’s currently and I see that number exploding over the next few years. A software company works in a few ways. They might split up the work load through front end developer’s, back-end developer’s, webmasters, and more. A front end person would set up the layout of the site using some type of software like photoshop. They would most likely be the person to communicate with the customer about what they actually want the site to look and function like. The back end person would do the actual coding and programming. And then a webmaster would monitor the site to make sure everything is functioning correctly like links, the shopping cart, and responsiveness. There are also some companies that have people do all of the development.

Some other related fields to web developing are software developing and computer programming. Software developers can earn around $95,510 median salary. Computer programmers are at $77,550 on average. These numbers change often and are on the up and up. Many software companies require an associate or bachelor’s degree but there are others that may just want to see that you can do the work. A common thing in an interview is to bring previous projects that you have done to show visual proof of what you can do. This can be live websites, app’s that are in an online store, etc. However for a freelance developer none of this stuff is necessary but definitely helps. You can easily get certified in the field you are trying to get into for very cheap. This is usually less than $100 and can make your resume look a whole lot better. There are websites online like w3c schools that offer these certifications. Anything from HTML, CSS, and programming languages like Java. Some good certifications for someone trying to get into web development are certified web developer, certified internet webmaster, and advanced web developer. These certificates would reflect on how much you would be paid but it is very easy to get certified in multiple fields. There are many websites online that offer tutorials and sample cert. testing. And that’s probably what you would want to do before paying for the real one.

There is no better time to get into anything computer related. Whether it’s full time, part time, or if you just want to be a hobbyist you can’t go wrong with web development. In the very near future, it’s going to be a necessity to have web experience and control over the internet. No matter what field you work in. My advice is to jump on the bandwagon now and be part of the vast online explosion. There is a ton of money to be made. If you are interested in web design, you should take a look at my Web Design: CSS series where you can learn how to add some style to the internet.

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