Learn Programming: Top 7 Languages To Learn Now

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Learn Programming: My Top 7 Picks To Learn Now

Want to learn programming? In this post, I give you my top 7 picks for best languages to learn now. But before we get into that we should touch on what a high-level and a low-level programming language is. Just like humans, Computers have their own language. That language is binary code. And binary code is a coding system that uses the binary digits of 0 and 1 to represent a letter, digit, or another character. Way back in the day this is how a programmer used to have to communicate with a computer. Eventually, this evolved into more English-like programming languages which would then be compiled or interpreted into binary code so that the computer can understand the instructions being given to it (a program). A low-level programming language is very close to binary code. So it is more difficult to learn but easier for the computer to understand and will run faster. On the other hand, a high-level language like Python is more like a human language. So in turn, it is much easier to learn and understand even to a non-programmer. A high-level language has to be translated to computer language (machine language), which will result in a slower load time. Beginners should start with a high-level language, learn it well and then move on from there.

One of the wonderful things about programming is that the languages are very similar to each other. So when you learn one well, Moving on to the next one will be a much easier process. With so many programming languages it can be very difficult to decide where to start. It really depends on what type of content that you want to make and then you should narrow down the options depending on your past experience (if any) before you commit yourself to learning any new language. So let’s get down to the brass tacks starting with number 7.

7. C# (C sharp) comes in at number 7.  It’s used for pretty much anything that has to do with Microsoft. So if you plan on working on a project in a windows environment C# is a good choice as it is the language of the .NET framework. It is an object-oriented programming language that was designed to repair many of the issues with the other major programming languages. C# is a general purpose language but is very often used in game development. As far as should a beginner learning C# as their first programming language goes? I would say yes and no. It all depends on how much time you can put into it. If you already have experience in say Java it shouldn’t be too difficult to transition to C#.

6. Ruby/and the Ruby on rails library. Ruby is another general purpose object-oriented language that was designed and developed in the mid 90’s and was influenced by Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp. Its main purpose is to provide programmer productivity and fun. Ruby with its very popular framework Ruby on rails is used for building websites. Rails combines the Ruby programming language, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a web app that runs on a web server. And because of that Rails is considered a server-side language. You should be pretty comfortable with the programming language Ruby before you jump into its framework Ruby on rails. The reason that Ruby on rails is so great for a beginner is that it takes care of so much of the hard work for you.

5. C++. C++ has been around since the 80’s and isn’t going anywhere soon. Since the C++ 11 update, it has been a little easier for new developers to get into. It is probably the most widely used programming language past and present. This language is great where the performance of your program is important. Some game engines like Unreal were built with C++. It has been a big influence on many other programming languages. C++ is widely used in windows app development. I wouldn’t recommend starting with C++ as your first language. It can be pretty difficult without previous experience. But knowing C++ is invaluable.

4. Php. Php was built specifically for the web. It is a server side language. Although Php is a very easy programming language for a beginner to start with there is a lot of security issues. This is mainly due to lack of experience. Many new web developers will upload their website way too fast not realizing all of the security leaks that they have. WordPress was basically built using Php. It can also be used to dynamically update information on a website. My advice is if you’re going to go with Php, Make sure you learn it well before uploaded a website that may contain sensitive information.

3. Python. Python is probably the #1 programming language for anyone just getting started. Big colleges like MIT and Cal-tech use Python as their introductory programming language. It is an excellent general purpose scripting language and with its plain English-like syntax is a favorite among many programmers. Its framework Django has become very popular recently. Python is being used by websites like Instagram and Pinterest. I definitely recommend Python for a beginner because it’s growing in many industries, is great for number crunching, and even someone with no prior programming experience can look at some Python code and be able to understand what is going on.

2. Java. This one was almost in the number one spot on this list. Java is the programming language for android development. It is pretty much in everything from blue-ray DVD players, servers, GUI’s, web-based apps, and search engines. Java is without a doubt the best object oriented programming language out there and is used in over 3 billion android (mobile) devices. With its strict error handling, Java makes you write better and safer programs. It is also a cross-platform programming language because it has its own compiler. The JVM(Java Virtual Machine) converts your code into binary code which the computer can understand in real time. Which makes it slightly slower but since the JVM runs directly on the user’s computer this ensures that Java runs on every type of device. Java’s motto is “Write once, run everywhere”. If your program is specifically designed for performance you might want to go with C++. But if your program running a little bit slower isn’t a big deal than Java is what you want because of all of the benefits and versatility of the language. This was the first programming language that I learned. Although it probably wasn’t the best place for a beginner, learning other programming languages was fairly easy.

1. JavaScript. And in 1st place JavaScript. You may be surprised by my #1 pick of programming languages that you should learn but JavaScript is so big nowadays. It is probably the most important language for web based development. JavaScript is quickly becoming a full server side language and isn’t just browser side anymore. It can be used with just about any server-side language that you want like Php, Python, Ruby, C#, and Java. There are a ton of libraries available for JavaScript. I recommend Jquery. Whether it’s game development, web animation, desktop or mobile apps, or just about anything else you could imagine JavaScript is an excellent tool to have in your development arsenal and is a great language to start with.

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