March 5, 2016


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HTML AND CSS: Build and design websites fast

Have you ever wanted to build and design your very own websites?

WWW.CLEARCODEDPROGRAMMING.COM, and it’s lead Developer, Jason R. Zimmerman, is dedicated to teaching children and adults of any age: Web Development, Web Design, and Computer Science. With almost 30 years of accumulative experience in computer science, we are passionate about the education in this ever growing industry.


Anyone of any age who wants to learn HTML for Web Development and CSS for styling, animation, and to add effects to web pages. This book is perfect whether you want to create and design your own websites, or to have complete control over the look and feel of prebuilt website theme. This course is designed for the absolute beginner to intermediate level coders. The lessons start with the most basic HTML and CSS. End of chapter tests will help you monitor your progress. The lessons throughout this book were created to teach students in a fast paced, but very detailed style. New information is broken down and explained step by step for best memory retention.


Create basic HTML documents, format and position text and images, create valuable metadata for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes, Create CSS stylesheets to control the look and feel of your web pages by adding color, size, position, responsive elements, and effects. Plus much more.


You will create a basic responsive website layout that you can customize in any way that you wish. Responsive design is a must nowadays as many people view web pages on a variety of mobile devices. Penalties can be accumulated from non-responsive websites. After completion of the HTML and CSS course, we discuss the next step options for continued education and important details like uploading your website to the internet and programming to make your web pages dynamic and interactive.

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