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HTML Series

The building blocks off all websites. HTML is the markup language used in web development.

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CSS Series

Add some style to your HTML with Cascading Style Sheets(CSS). Artistic flare and website layout is CSS at it’s core.

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Javascript Series

Create interactive websites with smooth animations and effects. Be top notch in functionality and user experience with Javascript. Javascript is a client-side scripting language and is commonly used in web-based gaming.

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PHP Series

Collect form data, generate dynamic page content, and much more with this server-side scripting language. PHP is a very popular, general purpose language that is perfectly suited for web development. It can be embedded directly into HTML.

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Clear Coded Programming is a website dedicated to web development, web design, programming information, and education. Our tutorials focus on the absolute beginner to intermediate level coder or programmer. We create short, easy to understand lessons, so that you can learn in just a few minutes a day.

  • Web Development Foundation

  • Artistic Style And Web Page Layout

  • Dynamic Functionality And Effects

  • Server-Side Programming

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